Steve the Instructor

When I started studying for the Dental Admission Test (DAT), I looked for classes, but they were very expensive (>1200$) and covered the entire DAT. However, I did not want to pay such high prices to review science courses. I wanted to learn how to pass the DAT sections that I did not take in school, Soap Carving and the Perceptual Ability Test (PAT).

I took the DAT and received the highest grade in the province of Quebec for both the Perceptual ability and Soap Carving sections, allowing me to secure my place as a dental student. That's when I decided to help other students, and I created DAT Class Montreal. Through DAT Class Montreal I developed a passion for helping students learn how to pass the DAT. I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of students by always doing what I can to ensure they succeed because their success is our success.

I eventually teamed up with to help students across Canada learn my soap carving techniques. I found that the online platform is best to learn soap carving because it allows students to pause, rewind and replay. Therefore, students can take the time they need to learn each technique at a much more affordable rate. In 1 hour of online videos, I can show techniques that can take up to 4 hours to learn in person. Furthermore, learning how to soap carve is best when done over a few weeks, some students are forming new neural networks for manual dexterity, and with the online videos, you can take the time to master each technique.

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