DAT Exam Style Practice Soaps

Affordable soaps that arrive fast

Many students often find themselves surprised to learn that the soaps purchased during registration actually have a different texture from the ones given during their test.

Through extensive testing, we have created a soap using a proprietary blend that is as close to the test soap as possible and at a more affordable price. Unlike the soaps provided during registration, our soaps are not made using a folding mold. The result is a perfectly cylindrical soap, free of the many defects which you may notice in the typical practice kits. Furthermore, our soaps do not have a centre line around them, allowing you to further practice your line work.

Please note, even though we have done all we can to make our soaps as close to that of the test as possible, the texture of the test soap can change slightly from year to year. As such, we will recommend practicing as much as you can, so you’ll be ready for anything they might throw your way!

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